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Sapphire Frater


Frater has exhibited in New York USA, throughout Australia and New Zealand, and the Louvre Carrousel in Paris France.

She is frequently offered international exhibitions and her work is becoming its own signature in the International Artworld.

Her Work is described as 'Meta-Surrealist', artwork that inter-weaves dimensions, inter-laced with Metaphysics.

She insists her work is 'Realist'.

The Artist is a prolific Painter, a Poet, and Occultist.

Sapphire promotes Ahimsa; Universal Compassion and Love, as Evolution for the Human consciousness, and liberation from all Suffering. Living by a Vegan Diet for more than 11 years now.

The Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York, said of

Sapphires work;

".........Our noteworthy Curatorial Review Committee was most impressed by your superb oeuvre such as "DANTE & BEATRICE" which resonates with a profound visual narrative as you reveal the invisible within the visible. The spiritual artistic journey that you portray in your stellar oeuvre was quite impressive and was a triumph of personal expression.

"MANIFESTATION OF NUIT" generated a profound sense of symbolism while reflecting an eternal universal message. We salute you on your aesthetically absorbing oeuvre which reverberates with a dynamic textural sense and powerful visceral shapes. We were enthralled by the emotive quality of "EVE'S DIVINE COMEDY" which reflects your fine talent and vibrant visual intensity. Your compelling "ATHENA'S MAP OF ODYSSEUS" conveys your unique artistic vision of capturing the impalpable as you seize the essence of the emotional and physical experience. We commend you on your compositions with their exciting color palette and compelling tonal combinations. Our Committee salutes you on your oeuvre with its important visual narrative and its emotional link to the human and artistic experience. We are so pleased with your marvelous art and the positive energy of your stellar compositions..........."

Birth of the Opera

Sapphire was born in 1980 in Masterton New Zealand, and started painting professionally at 19. She was on holiday on the Gold Coast in Australia visiting family, when she happened to visit an art studio and gallery, and was immediately offered work as a Painter. She worked for approximately 10 years for the company- 'CreatechArt', before leaving to pursue an independent Art Career.

She then completed her first series of Artworks, a collection of Paintings titled ' Ceres of Twelve Sonnets'.

Each painting represented a manifestation of the Divine Feminine.

Sapphire then exhibited the collection in New York, with tremendous response.

The Artist is now working on Three new collections of paintings.

The first Series, is a collection of Mural sized works, called 'Operas'

The Second Series, is a collection of miniatures, titled 'Minuets'

And the Third Series, is a collection of pieces called 'Les Chansons du Revelation'.

The 'Opera', was introduced in Paris October 2015, and Sapphire painted the first of her collection of 'Songs' in residence.


Sapphire est né à Masterton , Nouvelle-Zélande 16 Août 1980 .

L' Artiste a déménagé en Australie à 19. Elle était en visite à la famille sur les vacances , quand il lui arrivait de visiter un studio d'art et de la galerie , et le temps a été immédiatement offert travail de peintre . Environ Elle a travaillé pendant 10 ans pour le ' CreateChart ' entreprise- , avant de quitter pour poursuivre une carrière indépendante Art .

Sapphire expose ensuite la collection à New York , avec une réponse énorme.

Sa travail est décrit comme Meta - art surréaliste tisse qu'entrelacées Avec cette métaphysique inter dimensionnelles.

Elle insiste sur son travail est réaliste.

L'artiste est à la fois un peintre prolifique , et une poétesse .

Sapphire expose ensuite la collection à New York , avec une réponse énorme.

L'artiste travaille actuellement sur trois nouvelles collections de peintures , contrairement à sa précédente série de la Déesse , elle se réfère à ces nouvelles œuvres que ses collections illustrant ' Amoureux'

Le premier ensemble de is collecte des oeuvres de la taille de la Paroi , appelee Opéra

Deuxième série sont une collection de miniatures intitulée menuets

Et la troisième série , est une collection de pièces intitulé ' Les Chansons du Revelation '